Dave: A Paranoid Dinosaur

There are a few over-riding “qualities” that Dave has. We’re all fairly familiar with them, but they come together quite well in this piece on the evils of Feedburner.

He’s worried that some big mean company is going to… have power? “Force” us to add ads to our feeds? Who knows.

Actually, maybe he’s just worried that someone will do something really tacky and classless like taking down a free service that people have a lot of time and data invested in with no notice, and then only giving the data back to people that have been really nice and complimentary to them. You know… there might actually be some precedent for that concern.

The bottom line is that not only does Feedburner have no power (since every piece of data you send to them has a very short half-life) but even if they disappeared off the face of the earth tomorrow, all it really means is that some readers are going to have to change the address of some of their feeds and the bloggers are going to have to find a new way to do stats.

So what’s Dave’s real problem with FeedBurner?

Well, if it doesn’t require some bloated, kludge of a desktop program to run, then it’s just a way for some big company to control us. Dave’s hippie years are coming back… it’s The Man, man.

3 thoughts on “Dave: A Paranoid Dinosaur

  1. I think you’re misreading this. Certainly there’s a feel of general paranoia here but I think the most telling line in the whole thing is…

    “So now someone at Google “owns” Feedburner and all their feeds. And they could, if they wanted to, change the feeds to another format, overnight, without asking anyone”

    The truth is, as you pointed out above, if Google ever did anything that nefarious with feedburner people would just leave. It isn’t that hard. What I bet keeps Dave up at night is the fact that Google could turn all the RSS feeds to Atom feeds and no one would give a damn. Suddenly there are more Atom feeds than RSS feeds and Dave’s beloved (and possibly largely manufactured) legacy starts to go down the drain.

  2. Dave: I would have been concerned no matter who bought Feedburner, had it been Microsoft or Yahoo, or Fox or even Cisco …

    Would he have been concerned if Verisign bought it? I don’t recall any of this kvetching when he sold it another resource integral to blogging for a couple mil.

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