Dave the Patriarch

So, we all know Dave’s pattern by now: claim to be the victim of exactly whatever he’s the perpetrator of.

Longtime followers of the Dave Trainwreck(tm) know this includes frequent claims by Dave that he’s victimized by women.

Take for example this bit of classic Dave:

Look at her face. There’s a wide grin. This is a joke. Don’t be offended.

Man agrees. Laughs. Smiles. Inside the man is furious. It’s condescending. He doesn’t say anything.

It happens all the time. Women dismiss men as inferior, incompetent, helpless, disorganized, worthless people. It’s disrespectful. Negative energy. If women knew how this makes men feel, they’d stop doing it.

Then there’s Dave today, posting up-close pictures of women’s cleavage that he snaps with his iPhone. He even says, “objectified.”

Look at his post. There’s the ironic twist. This is a joke. Don’t be offended.

I wonder if Lane was agreeable to this? Laughed? Smiled? Inside perhaps was furious? It’s demeaning. Perhaps she didn’t say anything.

13 thoughts on “Dave the Patriarch

  1. Of course she was. Just like the man in Dave’s story. “It happens all the time.”

  2. Dave did the same thing to Ponzi, Chris Pirillo’s wife:


    Lane Hartwell’s an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in Wired News, the San Francisco Chronicle, JPG Magazine, and Der Spiegel online. Her Flickr profile is extremely short on personal details. She must be absolutely thrilled to have a well-read blogger in the tech industry call attention to her chest. Way to go, Dave!

  3. @CR – That story should warrant its own post being that Dave has flat out screamed at people for trying to, as he puts it, “use the back channel”. Just last week he refused to discuss anything with Calacanis privately. So the idea that only a few days later he posts about not making his comments public unless he gives explicit permission is just comical.

  4. Tom, that link probably deserves it own story, but I’m just not the person to write it up, since I’m lacking sources and, for lack of a better term, inside sources to this whole thing.

    If anybody wants to write a story based on this: have at it. :)

  5. I tried to leave a comment on Scripting News but it won’t take… I copied it here just because I can:


    I think you might be “conferenced out”. If you could imagine a perfect conference for your needs what would you envision?
    GnomeDex came pretty damn close but it seemed like you went more out of friendship than desire (speaking as a reader of Scripting News).

    I do think you should attend the Techcrunch20 and blog your thoughts about a new batch of start-ups.

    Do you remember what it was like to risk everything on a start-up? Failure is not an option… it’s a likelihood for most of them. Mahalo is no exception to that statistic and Jason is busting his ass to make payroll and achieve revenue. You ought to add that into his behavior. He sold one and it trying to do it again. That’s got to be scary…

    Life appears different after you’ve been successful and move on to more important questions: like “What will we leave behind?”

  6. I see you guys own davewiner.net and are pointing it to eyeonwiner.org? Or someone else has. I’m surprised Dave hasn’t snapped up morningcoffeenotes.net or scriptingnews.net.

  7. Actually I did that on my own just because I found it really funny to type Davewiner.net into the url and have this site pop up. The truth is, I always intended to redirect it to scripting.com once the initial humor wore off but then I completely forgot about it.

    I think I’ll use it for a few more days just to say goodbye and then redirect it to Dave. I don’t want to stoop to the same level as he did with Nick Irelan

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