Twitter Rants About A Good Name

From the Twitter streams of Dave and Colby Palmer tonight:

Dave Winer: Eric Rice is a dork. Is that conversational enough for you Eric? :-)
Dave Winer: Hope that’s “conversational” enough for Eric Rice.
Dave Winer: I’m ragging on Eric because when Calacanis was running his campaign on me, trashing my good name, Rice jumped on and scored a few points too
Dave Winer: I really dislike opportunists who join web mobs. Rice is a big offender there. Mr Judgment. Loves to hit a man when he’s down
Dave Winer: We have a word for that where I come from: Coward.
Colby Palmer: @davewiner -don’t get me wrong Dave- <3 your brilliant work…but maybe piling more trash on the heap doesn’t add gloss to a “good name”?
Dave Winer: @colbyworld, are you a PR person? because only PR people worry about stuff like that. some of us are just people, and aren’t image-obsessed
Colby Palmer: @davewiner No, and with respect, I don’t want to flame. I’m just sick of the sniping/infighting. I’d rather see advances of real thought.
Colby Palmer: @davewiner This includes @spin and @jasoncalacanis…not to single you out, but your “good name/eric rice is a dork” rant was hypocritical.

I’m not sure I’m on board with “hypocritical”, but it sure was something. I must have missed it, but what did Rice do, exactly? Besides not getting enough of his digital slobber on Dave’s electronic knob, I mean.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Rants About A Good Name

  1. As far as Eric Rice, I think Winer just hooked on him as the focal point for “people who don’t agree with me completely”. At least, that’s what his barely coherent comments on this post seems to suggest:

    But my bigger question is, when exactly was “when Calacanis was running his campaign on [Dave], trashing [Dave’s] good name”? All I remember Calacanis doing was saying that he didn’t like Dave’s interruptions and didn’t like Dave verbally beating on him over the same issues afterwards. Dave has confirmed Calacanis’ facts as far as what happened (though he clearly thinks he’s in the right for having done what he did).

    So when did Calacanis try to trash Dave’s “good” name? I’m honestly not being sarcastic, I don’t see how he could interpret what Calacanis did as trashing him.

  2. Tom: calacanis re-started the meme that Dave “Winered” him. Dave has spent a signifcant amount of time at conference trying NOT to let his frustration with “fools” and “pitch men” get the better of him.

    Jason made the case that he was “Winered” from the audience and then shared that message with a “Wired” (magazine reported who also added old details about Dave being blocked from an O’Reilly conference 5 year ago.

    So, from Dave’s point of view Calacanis trashed him and created a slew of blog discussion about what a jerk Dave can be in a public forum. If you listen to the audio of Jason’s presentation of the GnomeDex pitch you’ll hear that Dave’s doesn’t even slow Jason down for a second in his non-stop Mahalo pitch.

    What many readers here know is that Dave (once hurt) can’t forgive or forget. Calacanis will find out being “Winered” is not a moment… it’s a era.

    Calcanis did what he has always done when offended: go into PR mode with negative PR. This grudge will be a classic match of wills. My money is on Calacanis: he’s got more sociopath in him. He’s s a serial meglomaniac, IMHO. I like a good meglomaniac. They entertain at least with the unbridled limits of their self-love.

  3. Dave has spent a signifcant amount of time at conference trying NOT to let his frustration with “fools” and “pitch men” get the better of him.

    You’re being far too kind. Winer isn’t getting the VC and media love that Jason Calacanis is pulling, and it got to him.

    My money’s on Mahollow Man too. Winer’s got nothing at stake but his own bloated ego. Calacanis has a long career ahead and a pile of VC money to burn.

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