Jason Calacanis on Dave Winer

Irish podcaster Tom Rafterty recently interviewed Jason Calacanis, saving his last question for the Mahalo founder’s feud with Dave Winer.

Rafterty: Have you kissed and made up with Dave Winer?

Jason Calacanis: No, we haven’t. He is famous for not making up with anybody. He’s also famous for having big fallouts to people. We were friends for a couple years then he heckled me at that show. He apologized, I accepted the apology but he felt that I needed to apologize and I just didn’t, OK, what am I apologizing for? Oh, I’m apologizing for you heckling me? It just didn’t make any sense to me. He’s a certain type of individual and I think sometimes — there’s a reason why Adam Curry didn’t work with him on the PodShow thing. There’s a reason why Tim O’Reilly disinvited him from all the O’Reilly events. I don’t have to go down the list, but there’s a huge group of people who are well-respected who told me ahead of time, ‘Hey, don’t engage this guy because it will end’ — and I was like, I don’t know, he seems like a nice guy. We had dinner a bunch of times then he turned on me. I’ve been speaking at events for 12 years. People invite me to go all over the world to talk about what I’m doing. I get paid sometimes five or 10 thousand dollars to speak for half an hour — I donate it to charity, anyway — but how would you ever heckle somebody from the audience? It doesn’t make, it’s against the common, take me on in the question-and-answer session, of course, I’ll take on anybody — everybody knows that — but let me finish my point. I’m invited to speak –

Rafterty: Unless you’re Mark Canter. He’s got his own set of rules.

Calacanis: He’s stoned half the time. He comes in, he reeks of pot, ‘Hey dudes, let me ask you a question, like, with these billions of dollars.’ He’s funny but he actually has some good questions. I don’t mind anybody, I’ll answer any question. I’m not afraid of anybody’s question [...] Life is short. But the weird thing is, he keeps obsessing about it. He keeps writing about me. I disengage for three months — OK, well I’m gonna fight back. I’m gonna engage ’cause I kinda find it funny when somebody engages you in this tit-for-tat stuff. Then I was like I’m CEO of a company. It’s one thing for him to act like a jerkoff. He’s individual blogger/curmudgeon/angry old guy, but I’m the CEO of a company. I gotta act a little bit more professional. Now I’m trying to let it go and not engage in it because I’m supposed to have a little bit more stature than that now. I’m supposed to act more professional.

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