6 thoughts on “Shouting Down

  1. Ron Paul isn’t a real Republican and they jumped on his thoughts to align with the Republican base.

    It’s called “debate” and Dave can’t comprehend the format. Someone he agrees with get criticized and has to defend their views. It’s healthy in politics to have these “shouting” contests. It shows a lot about the mettle of the candidate. They will be expected to “sell their ideas” effectively.

    Too many here have tried to debate with Dave and learned he’s opinionated but can’t back it up when confronted with an argument. He attacks the critic.

    Dave is NOT electable. (Neither is Ron Paul, IMHO). But the debate with both helps you gauge the ideas.

    For me the ideas outweigh the people involved and I love to argue. That’s how I learn and influence my world.

  2. Ron Paul isn’t a real Republican …

    Say what? He’s been elected to Congress as a Republican around 10-12 times, going back to the seventies. I know party definitions are fluid, but saying that Paul’s not a Republican strikes me as the height of absurdity.

  3. Bull,

    Sorry, of course, with a two party system even a Liberarian will have to lick one of the major parties to be identified at this stage for debates.

    My point was that all the other candidates are following the path to power that G. W. Bush created that links to a Christian power base. Ron Paul is not using that approach. Some are re-cycling Reagen: Guiliani and Thompson.

    Anyway, when we verge onto politics here we get some sparks.

  4. Watching Dave on Twitter is surreal. This gem came yesterday:

    I had a flash on Yahoo’s future yesterday. They should merge with or buy a TV network. The connection betw TV and the Internet is powerful.

    Does the guy really not remember AOL/TimeWarner? Is he being sarcastic? Or is he just refusing outright to think anything through?

  5. Dave’s totally focused on programming an RSS driven “Media Center” so he’s going to demo everything on an HDTV with 5.1 speakers.

    That’s why he’s pitching Yahoo to cross that line.

    Remember MSNBC… great synergy there… Not.

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