Where’s the 450GB coming from?

Dave is using 450GB a month, apparently. He claims it’s for downloading FlickrFan images to 5 computers… so let’s do a little math.

The images from the FlickrFan Feed average about 1MB each. He could download, then, almost half a million of them and still stay under 450GB.

If 300GB is from FlickrFan, that gives him 10GB a day. 2GB per computer, per day. Roughly 2,000 pictures. Per day. Per computer.

That comes out to 83 pictures per hour. Every hour. Every day. The AP feed doesn’t even generate half that many in an entire day, let alone every single hour.

Is it possible that Dave has gone crazy and added dozens and dozens of Flickr feeds to each of his computers? Sure it is. What’s more likely, though, is that he’s got his BitTorrent client downloading boatloads of movies and software.

3 thoughts on “Where’s the 450GB coming from?

  1. The AFP feed is busier, but he’s still got a lot of unaccounted bandwidth. Not to mention that it’s beyond ridiculous to run five instances of FlickrFan in the same house (I can’t even stand 1 instance of the OPML Editor because it’s such rubbish).

    OS X’s screensaver allows you to choose a network folder for screensaver photos, so there really is no need to run more than one or two instances (perhaps one on the machine you take out and one on a stay-at-home desktop). With public folders it’s all really easy and you don’t even have to configure auto-mounting disks and what not. It’s actually far easier than making sure your five computers running OPML Editor don’t crash.

    Another fun nugget was when he couldn’t get Google’s AppEngine working. The reason was because he was editing his Python code in OPML Editor and it didn’t use UNIX newlines. Literally everything he does is with the OPML Editor. It’s like Richard Stallman and Emacs except that Emacs is actually used by other people.

  2. LOL.

    It’s gotta be piracy. Dave Winer’s so self-entitled that he’s raising a public shitstorm against Comcast to defend his right to pirate TV shows.

  3. Knowing dave’s consummate skills at programming, he’s probably downloading the entire photo feed library continuously, the same pics over and over again. dave doesn’t understand why his programs should be efficient, he has no concept that his applications might be a burden.

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